Malaysia Report 2015

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Simon Cowdry reporting 27 June 18:30 Local Time

Yesterday was our last day on the worksite. The effort and achievements of all students have been extremely pleasing throughout the whole build.

They can all feel very proud of themselves. Today everybody is enjoying some well deserved rest.

Tomorrow will be the last full day in Malaysia and the students will get to spend the day on the beautiful island of Sapi before packing for our departure the next day.

Simon Cowdry reporting 25 June 19:15 Local Time

Students have been kept working as hard as ever since Monday to continue bricklaying to raise the walls of the house.

Everybody is slowly getting used to the weather and dealing with the physical exercice.

Only 2 days left on the building site!

Simon Cowdry reporting 22 June 20:00 Local Time

Yesterday, our group were able to see a little more of the Malaysian countryside as we travelled the two and a half hours to Garama.

Here, the students and teachers experienced a two-hour boat trip through the mangrove swamp. During this trip, there were lots of varied flora and fauna as well as several types of monkeys, some of which are now very rare, such as the proboscis monkey which has webbed hands and a large nose!

After the tour we all ate a delicious local meal at the wildlife centre and arrived back at the hotel at around 10:30pm.

Simon Cowdry reporting 21 June 07:00 Local Time

Yesterday was the last day of our first week on the worksite, already our 4th day on the worksite.

Students enthusiastically worked on until mid-afternoon, despite the intense heat and humidity.

We then returned to the hotel a little earlier than the other days, as is customary on Saturdays. Most students spent the journey back from the worksite sleeping off the effects of the Sun and hard work.

Today, students will get up a little later, before a visit to the local market, followed by a cruise and dinner on the Garama river at dusk to discover the local wildlife, including prosbocis monkeys and fireflies amongst others.

As the group will be returning very late from this excursion, the next update will not be sent until Monday evening.

Simon Cowdry reporting 19 June 18:40 Local Time

The students have spent today working in very hot and humid conditions, performing a variety of tasks.

These were:

  • cutting of steel (used to reinforce concrete for the perimeter of the house)
  • making reinforced concrete and laying it
  • digging and leveling floor of house

They are all working very well, picking up new skills as they go, and all seem to be really enjoying the experience.

Simon Cowdry reporting 17 June 20:00 Local Time

Today was Day 1 on the worksite.

The day began with a heavy rainstorm which threatened to stop all work a the worksite. The students however were eager to remain. Our task today was to move a few thousand bricks from where they had been delivered to the site of where the house will be built, across the building site and over a makeshift bridge.

The students and teachers worked through the rain and were able to complete this task, as it eventually stopped raining after an hour or so.

Tonight everybody was once again delighted to get back to the hotel for a well-earned shower, with the satisfaction of having reached the objective set for the day.

Simon Cowdry reporting 17 June 00:30 Local Time

The group of 15 premiere IB students and 3 their teachers have arrived in Malaysia this afternoon after the transit through Singapore. Everybody is well.

The hot weather on arrival at the airport in Kota Kinabalu has been quite a shock for many, even if it was expected, and everyone is obviously tired after a total of nearly 24hrs travelling from Lille to the hotel.

But students have now settled in the comfort of their rooms after a short tour of the surrounding area and there is no doubt everybody will enjoy a good night's sleep!

Tomorrow, the teams will go to the building site for the first time. This year, students will have the pleasure to be involved in building of a house from the beginning, rather than continue the process started by another team as is sometimes the case.

So we'll have plenty to do!


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